Lola's Cafe

1101 Corporate Dr. Suite A1

Ladera Ranch, CA 92694

(949) 364-8LDR (8537)

Located next to Hala's Paws & Juice it Up!

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Almost there and a bit of Bowie

It's getting closer... this Lola's Cafe.  The bulk of the construction is officially done.  They did the 'final clean up' last week.  Everything shiny and undusted.  Our coffee equipment arrived and is hooked up.  We begin some training on it shortly.  Bathroom tiles received new grout and color... added fresh faucets to the sinks as...
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Dave Grohl’s Birthday Bash At The Forum

So yeah… EPIC! I’ve been to a few shows over the years, and this one is most certainly up there. I’m not a huge Foo fan by nature… def appreciate them, I know they always deliver live. I was probably the only one that didn’t know the words to...
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It’s a Long Way, To The Top, If Ya Wanna Rock n’ Roll

It’s a long way, to the top, if ya wanna rock n’ roll
If you’re familiar with AC/DC on any level, you might know that song.  It refers to the struggle to start a band and not only maintain but try to succeed, despite the hurdles that may be in front of you.
Such is the case...
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