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Almost there and a bit of Bowie

Posted by on 1/30/2016 in Uncategorized

It’s getting closer… this Lola’s Cafe.  The bulk of the construction is officially done.  They did the ‘final clean up’ last week.  Everything shiny and undusted.  Our coffee equipment arrived and is hooked up.  We begin some training on it shortly.  Bathroom tiles received new grout and color… added fresh faucets to the sinks as well.  The black glop that had covered all of the windows was removed… that stuff was there since the last tenant moved out over five years ago!  It’s fairly glorious seeing a clear view of the rolling hills.   Necessary base tiles were added to all of the front cabinets.  Uncle Kevin helped build a slew of chairs while we put together the majority of the tables – some of which will get a coat of chalk paint.  The mercantile will get a pop of color with chalk paint as well.  Menu is getting drilled down.  Interviews have begun.  Forthcoming is the next wave of chunky equipment purchases… always fun!  Gas co. turned on their switches – but alas, we need one piece updated on the hot water heater to be appropriately up and running.  See?… lots of sexy details that nobody tells ya about when starting a cafe.

So there ya have a brief overview as to what is keeping us busy.  We still have a couple final inspections to complete via the county.  Once a few more items are in place we will have our friends at the Health Dept out for a visit and keep moving ahead.

BOWIE – your editor was gutted at his passing.  Albums from his entire career have always played a part in my soundtrack.  His influence can’t be understated… neither can the joy he’s brought over the years.  Lucky enough to have seen him in concert a couple times.  In the pit when he toured with Nine Inch Nails is a major lifetime highlight.  His new album Blackstar is brilliant.  It’s been on an endless loop and keeps getting better.  If you enjoy something a tad off the beaten path but won’t disappoint, give it a spin (streams on Amazon Prime as well… or heck, buy a real CD!)

Until next time… Cheers!