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Almost there and a bit of Bowie

It's getting closer... this Lola's Cafe.  The bulk of the construction is officially done.  They did the 'final clean up'…

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So… what’s been going on?

      Hello!  Since we're regularly asked 'When ya'll opening?' while also hearing 'We can't wait for ya'll to…

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What takes so long… part deux

So about four weeks ago all of our plans were approved by the county - huzzah!  That process STARTED the…

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What Takes So Long…What Gives?

We ask the same thing! We keep lining up vendors, decor, equipment, starting some interviews for employees, fill out forms…

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Dave Grohl’s Birthday Bash At The Forum

1.12.15 DAVE GROHL'S BIRTHDAY BASH AT THE FORUM So yeah… EPIC! I’ve been to a few shows over the years,…

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It’s a Long Way, To The Top, If Ya Wanna Rock n’ Roll

1.6.15 It’s a long way, to the top, if ya wanna rock n’ roll If you’re familiar with AC/DC on…

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