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What takes so long… part deux

Posted by on 5/1/2015 in Lolas Cafe


So about four weeks ago all of our plans were approved by the county – huzzah!  That process STARTED the week BEFORE Thanksgiving (?!?!) We submit, and wait.  They return the plans with changes, we make changes… then more changes.  But that’s done – we cheer!  Then it’s on to the next step… the trench!

See photo of lengthy trench that’s diligently been dug by the plumbers.  The piece of equipment alluded to in the previous post is why that exists.  But THEN we find out a new local eatery, SORT of doing the same thing as us (but totally different, really) had no NEED for a stinking trench… they were blessed with the SMALLER piece of equipment!  Something just ain’t right!!

The county building inspector arrives to say ‘that trench looks great, approved!  Carry on’ but then adds… ‘why do you have to do that… you make sandwiches and stuff, you don’t need that!’  Lola say “Wha?!?!”  (worth noting – randomly, a county Health Dept inspector happened to visit two days later and said the same thing!) And so begins the pleading with those in charge to downgrade our equipment… and a substantial amount of $$ that would be best served elsewhere at our little cafe.

In the meantime, we’ve game planned with the contractor and architect of a timeline to get other things done… and what they’ll look like.  Wheels ARE turning!

It’s a never ending tale of hilarity and determination.  That said, we can’t WAIT to get it pulled together ASAP and wrap ourselves up in the glow of our LDR.

Stay tuned…