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It’s a Long Way, To The Top, If Ya Wanna Rock n’ Roll

Posted by on 1/6/2015 in Lolas Cafe

It’s a long way, to the top, if ya wanna rock n’ roll
If you’re familiar with AC/DC on any level, you might know that song.  It refers to the struggle to start a band and not only maintain but try to succeed, despite the hurdles that may be in front of you.
Such is the case with building a little cafe.  Lemme tell ya folks, it ain’t easy!   Now, I’m not complaining, and I figured I had some idea what it was all about when we started.  But a couple years down the road of bringing this together and yep, it’s tough.  Rewarding?  For sure!
In a nutshell we’ve dealt with:  bringing the idea together, getting folks on board to help shape our vision and figure out if we could pull this off, raising the funds to get the doors open, drawing up plans to put everything in place, taking the plans to the county and have them give an ok, compromise with a leasing agent that owns the property we want to be located in, find the vendors to supply the items we want to carry, be fiscally responsible so we aren’t a mile behind the proverbial eight ball (and yes, it’s OH so easy to go nuts and dig a big ol’ hole… but we’re avoiding that sand trap), hiring and training the people you want to have represent our vision… shall I go on?  Again, not griping, just giving the quick overview.  We have learned more from this experience than we ever thought possible.  The general reaction from friends is ‘whoa… that’s a lotta stuff!’.  This is true, but as Bon Scott said… ‘It’s a long way, to the top, if ya wanna rock n’ roll’
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