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Greetings and Hello

Posted by on 1/5/2015 in Lolas Cafe

Greetings and Hello!
Welcome to the Lola’s Cafe ‘Blog, Blog, Blog’.  It’s here that we’ll write about what we fancy.  Ongoings at the cafe, maybe some issues or causes that focus on Ladera Ranch and are worth mentioning, certainly some key music recommendations… and just about anything else we feel like writing about.
Why do a blog?  Don’t we have enough to do already?  Well sure we do… but to be honest, we have folks that help with our website and they say it’s good to blog stuff so the internet knows we’re here.  Sounds like some Big Brother thing… but we get what they’re saying.  So heck, why not?  It’s fun
to chat about things we think others might enjoy reading about.
Hopefully you’ll enjoy this little trip with us as well.  It’s one more piece of the Lola’s Cafe puzzle that helps us stay in touch with our friends, neighbors and valued customers.  So, enjoy a bit of our blogging — Cheers!
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